Google–What is your plugin doing in my Internet Explorer

At home I have a machine on which I have typically defaulted to 2 browsers i.e. Internet Explorer and Firefox. Recently I installed Google Chrome to test drive it. Within days I started facing issues with the performance of my Internet Explorer. This was indeed strange since I had never had any issues with IE9 especially with respect to performance on sites live Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail.

So off I went doing a some R&D to check for the reasons for the sudden performance degradation. The initial suspects were add-on to IE from lesser known companies I had a couple of them.

So step 1 was to disable them.

I restarted by browser and hoped that the problem will disappear. Result no improvement.

I then took the next steps of checking for any windows updates and applying them hoping that the updates may solve any issues. Still Step 2 did not result in any improvement.

So I started suspecting the only change that had happened with the software configuration of the machine lately. That change was the installation of Google Chrome on my laptop. So off I went searching for the add ins from Google. To get to these add ins you need to click on the Tools Icon of IE9 which sits in the north-east corner of your browser.


Next click on the Manage Add-ons menu option


Clicking this option will open up a screen to Manage your Add-ons


This initial screen shows the add-ons what are currently loaded. A quick review of the add-on’s convinced me that there was nothing there which I needed to disable. So as a next step I clicked on the drop down list which allows me to see other add-on’s.


By selecting add-on’s which Run without permission I was able to see a list of my new suspects.

There were two of these add-ons which I specifically suspected. The first one was GEPluginCoClass Object and the second suspect was the Google Update Plugin



So Off I went and disabled both these add-on’s. Turned the IE browser off and switched it on again. This time the problem was solved and continues to be so. I later researched the two plug-ins and found that the GEPluginCoClass Object was part of Google Earth. The real culprit was Google Update Plugin. Seems that this one has a history and Google will keep sending it back to you with every Chrome update. To solve this problem once and for all follow instructions on this link.

Also check this article form “The Register”.

I hate what google is doing by pushing across this plug-in for the Google Frameset without my permission. What is even more annoying is the fact that they do it indiscriminately irrespective of the browser you use. IE6 or IE9 they are not able to create a program to figure things out. I hope Microsoft does something to get rid of this scourge once and for all.

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